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Browse the information below for information about Tecumseh Middle School. If you are a parent of a current student, use the parent handbook to answer questions about our school.

Helpful Information for Tecumseh Parents

Dear Tecumseh Parents:

Information relating to Tecumseh Middle School can be found in the Parent handbook. Please click below to download and view the current handbook.

Download & Parent Handbook

If you have any questions that may not have been answered in this handbook, please feel free to contact Mr. Paige at 812-922-0122.

Items of Note:

SCHOOL RULES - The rules and regulations that govern the student day are in the front of the agenda book. Taking the time to read these would be very helpful.

Every morning the administration of Tecumseh Middle gives the announcements over the intercom system to students and teachers. Written announcements are also distributed to each class via our Instant Messaging system and e-mails.

Make Payments to Lunch Account:

You can add money to your child's breakfast or lunch account by going to the Titan Solutions Online Payment Center. Click here to access the website.

What Parents Can Expect From the School:

  1. The school will be operated in a businesslike and r esponsible manner with reasonable and understandable requirements and regu lations.
  2. Parental inquiries, visits and complaints will rece ive prompt and courteous attention, and the school's response to these inqui ries or complaints will reflect a constructive and helpful attitude.
  3. Teachers' grading will be as fair and impartial as possible, and the basis for such grading will be clear to students and parents.
  4. Assignments will be definite, and a reasonable amou nt of assistance will be given in class. On the initiative of the student, as much individual help as resources allow will be given.

With great pride in her past and extreme confidence for continued growth and achievement, Tecumseh Middle School is poised and eager to serve the educational needs of her students and the community well into the future.

We are proud to be Warrick County Middle School!